Class MockTester

  • public final class MockTester
    extends Object
    In 5.4, with no replacement
    Contains core logic used by TestBase, allowing for mock objects to be used outside of a TestNG-based test suite. A single standard mock control is used for all mock instances. The control does not care about execution order, but will balk at any unexpected method invocations. This class is thread safe (it used a thread local to store the mock control). This class was originally in the tapestry-ioc module as was moved to tapestry-test; the package name was not changed to ensure backwards compatibility.
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      • cleanup

        public void cleanup()
        Invoked after an individual unit test (i.e., a test method invocation) to discard the mock control.
      • getMocksControl

        public org.easymock.IMocksControl getMocksControl()
      • newMock

        public <T> T newMock​(Class<T> mockClass)
        Creates a new mock object of the indicated type. The shared mock control does not check order, but does fail on any unexpected method invocations.
        Type Parameters:
        T - the type of the mock object
        mockClass - the class to mock
        the mock object, ready for training
      • replay

        public void replay()
        Switches each mock object created by newMock(Class) into replay mode (out of the initial training mode).
      • verify

        public void verify()
        Verifies that all trained methods have been invoked on all mock objects (created by newMock(Class), then switches each mock object back to training mode.