Tapestry 5.2 Released

As expected, Tapestry 5.2.4 has been voted up as the stable version for Tapestry 5.2; we can now recommend that all users upgrade from to 5.2.4. With minor exceptions, noted in the release notes, the upgrade should be as simple as changing version numbers in your POM (or otherwise dropping the latest version of the JARs into your project).

There is always a flurry of frantic help requests on the mailing list when people upgrade; more often than not, this is caused by a build process that leaves the old version JARs lying around rather than replacing them with the new version JARs. Please check your WARs carefully, and make sure that your servlet container is cleaning things up properly.

Tapestry 5.2.4 has been available to all users for nearly a month; only one important bug, TAP5-1372, was reported in that time (and at the last minute); this will be addressed in a subsequent bug fix release.

Tapestry can be downloaded from the Apache Mirrors, or via the central Maven repository: