Tapestry API - 5.4-beta-22
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I - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionLexer
I - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionParser
id - Variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.alerts.Alert
A unique id (unique within this JVM and execution), used to identify an alert (used primarily when individually dismissing an alert).
Id - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.annotations
Optional annotation, used with Inject, which exists to provide the id of an object when it can not be determined by other means (such as from the field name).
IdAllocator - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util
Used to "uniquify" names within a given context.
IdAllocator() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util.IdAllocator
Creates a new allocator with no namespace.
IdAllocator(String) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util.IdAllocator
Creates a new allocator with the provided namespace.
IDENTIFIER - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionLexer
IDENTIFIER - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionParser
identifyDataType(PropertyAdapter) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.AnnotationDataTypeAnalyzer
identifyDataType(PropertyAdapter) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.DefaultDataTypeAnalyzer
identifyDataType(PropertyAdapter) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.kaptcha.internal.services.KaptchaDataTypeAnalyzer
identifyDataType(PropertyAdapter) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.DataTypeAnalyzer
Identifies the data type, if known, or returns null if not known.
identity() - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.func.F
A Mapper factory; the Mapper returns the the flow value unchanged.
IdentityAssetPathConverter - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
Returns the default asset path unchanged.
IdentityAssetPathConverter() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.IdentityAssetPathConverter
IdMatcher - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc
A matcher of fully qualified ids.
idMatcher - Variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.AbstractServiceInstrumenter
IdMatcherImpl - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal
A wrapper around a GlobPatternMatcher used to glob-match service ids.
IdMatcherImpl(String) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.IdMatcherImpl
IdToDependencyNode<T> - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util
Used to order objects into an "execution" order.
IdToDependencyNode(Logger) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.IdToDependencyNode
If - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components
Conditionally renders its body.
If() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.If
ifFalse(InstructionBuilder) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.WhenCallback
Generates code for when the condition is false.
ifTrue(InstructionBuilder) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.WhenCallback
Generates code for when the condition is true.
ignorableWhitespace(char[], int, int) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.jpa.PersistenceContentHandler
ignoreAttributesWithoutValue(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
ignoreBlankInput() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractTextField
Should blank input be ignored (after validation)? This will be true for PasswordField.
ignoreBlankInput() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.PasswordField
Returns true, blank input should be ignored and not cause an update to the server-side property bound to the value parameter.
ignoredComponentParameters(ComponentResources, String...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.compatibility.DeprecationWarningImpl
ignoredComponentParameters(ComponentResources, String...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.compatibility.DeprecationWarning
The most common case: checks to see if the parameter name is bound and if so emits a warning that the parameter is ignored and will be removed.
IgnoredPathsFilter - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
IgnoredPathsFilter(Collection<String>) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.IgnoredPathsFilter
ImmutableSessionPersistedObject - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.annotations
Marker annotation that can be placed on a session-persisted object to indicate that the object is immutable, and therefore does not require end-of-request restoring into the session.
Import - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.annotations
Annotations to control the importing of JavaScript stacks and libraries as well as stylesheets.
importJavaScriptLibrary(Asset) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.JavaScriptSupportImpl
importJavaScriptLibrary(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.JavaScriptSupportImpl
importJavaScriptLibrary(Asset) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.JavaScriptSupport
Imports a JavaScript library as part of the rendered page.
importJavaScriptLibrary(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.JavaScriptSupport
Import a Javascript library with an arbitrary URL.
ImportModule - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations
Attached to a module class, this annotation identifies other module classes that should also be added to the Registry.
importStack(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.JavaScriptSupportImpl
importStack(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.JavaScriptSupport
Imports a JavaScriptStack by name, a related set of JavaScript libraries and stylesheets.
importStylesheet(Asset) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.JavaScriptSupportImpl
importStylesheet(StylesheetLink) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.JavaScriptSupportImpl
importStylesheet(Asset) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.JavaScriptSupport
A convenience method that wraps the Asset as a StylesheetLink.
importStylesheet(StylesheetLink) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.JavaScriptSupport
Imports a Cascading Style Sheet file as part of the rendered page.
ImportWorker - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Implements the Import annotation, both at the class and at the method level.
ImportWorker(JavaScriptSupport, SymbolSource, AssetSource) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.ImportWorker
in(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.json.JSONObject
Navigates into a nested JSONObject, creating the JSONObject if necessary.
include(String...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.beaneditor.BeanModel
Re-orders the properties of the model into the specified order.
include(String...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beaneditor.BeanModelImpl
include(BeanModel, String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beaneditor.BeanModelUtils
Selects a subset of the properties to keep, and reorders them.
INCLUDE_CORE_STACK - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.SymbolConstants
If true (the default), then Tapestry will automatically include the "core" stack in all pages.
IncompatibleChange - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations
inConstructor() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
increment(LocalVariable) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
increment(LocalVariable) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Increments a local integer variable.
indicateTestMethodName(Method) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
inError(Field) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ValidationTracker
For a given field, determines if the field is "in error", meaning that an error message has been previously recorded for the field.
inError(Field) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ValidationTrackerImpl
inError(Field) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ValidationTrackerWrapper
inField() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
info(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.alerts.AlertManager
Adds an Severity.INFO alert with the default duration, Duration.SINGLE.
info(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.alerts.AlertManagerImpl
INHERIT_BINDING_PREFIX - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.InternalConstants
Special prefix for parameters that are inherited from named parameters of their container.
InheritanceData - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic
Used to track which methods are implemented by a base class, which is often needed when transforming a subclass.
InheritanceData() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InheritanceData
InheritanceSearch - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util
Used to search from a particular class up the inheritance hierarchy of extended classes and implemented interfaces.
InheritanceSearch(Class) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InheritanceSearch
init(FilterConfig) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.TapestryFilter
Initializes the filter using the TapestryAppInitializer.
init(Registry) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.TapestryFilter
Invoked from TapestryFilter.init(FilterConfig) after the Registry has been created, to allow any additional initialization to occur.
Initialization - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript
Provided by JavaScriptSupport.require(String) to allow additional, optional, details of the module-based page initialization to be configured.
InitializationPlan<T> - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util
Performs one initialization step on a newly created object.
InitializationPriority - Enum in org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript
Sets the priority for JavaScript initialization scripting.
initialize(InvalidationEventHub) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.RecomputableSupport
Forces RecomputableSupport.invalidate() to be invoked when the hub emits an invalidation callback.
initialize(T) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InitializationPlan
Invoked by the ConstructionPlan inside a operation tracker block.
InitializeActivePageName - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.services
Filter contributed into the ComponentRequestHandler pipeline to set the activePageName property.
InitializeActivePageName(RequestGlobals) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.services.InitializeActivePageName
initializeApplication(Context) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ApplicationInitializer
initializeApplication(Context, ApplicationInitializer) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ApplicationInitializerFilter
initializeApplication(ServletContext) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ServletApplicationInitializer
initializeApplication(ServletContext, ServletApplicationInitializer) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ServletApplicationInitializerFilter
Peforms one step of initializing the application before passing off to the next step.
initializeForCompletePage(Page) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.PageRenderQueue
Initializes the queue for rendering of a complete page.
initializeForCompletePage(Page) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.PageRenderQueueImpl
initializeForForm(String, String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.AjaxFormUpdateController
initializeForForm(String, String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ajax.AjaxFormUpdateControllerImpl
initializeRequestEncoding(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.RequestEncodingInitializer
Initializes the request encoding to match the encoding defined for the page.
initializeWith(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.JavaScriptModuleConfiguration
Used as an alternative to JavaScriptModuleConfiguration.exports(String), this allows a short expression to be specified; the expression is used to initialize, clean up, and (usually) return the module's export value.
Inject - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations
This annotation serves is something of the Swiss Army knife for operations related to injection of dependencies into an arbitrary method of Java Bean.
inject(Object) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticField
Converts the field to be read-only, and provide the indicated value.
INJECT_EVENT - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.FormInjector
InjectComponent - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.annotations
Allows components defined in the template to be injected as read-only properties.
InjectComponentWorker - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Recognizes the InjectComponent annotation, and converts the field into a read-only field containing the component.
InjectComponentWorker(ComponentClassCache) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectComponentWorker
injectComputed(ComputedValue<?>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticField
Converts the field to be read-only, and provide the value, which is computed indirectly inside the class' constructor.
InjectContainer - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.annotations
Used to inject the component which contains this component.
InjectContainerWorker - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Identifies the InjectContainer annotation and adds code to initialize it to the core component.
InjectContainerWorker(ComponentClassCache) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectContainerWorker
injectFromInstanceContext() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticField
As with PlasticField.inject(Object), but the value is extracted from the InstanceContext.
injectIntoFields(Object, ObjectLocator, InjectionResources, OperationTracker) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
Injects into the fields (of all visibilities) when the Inject or InjectService annotations are present.
InjectionProvider2 - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.services.transform
Provides some form of injection when the value for an Inject annotation is present.
InjectionResources - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util
Provides for the injection of specific types of values as resources as opposed to services or objects obtained from MasterObjectProvider.
InjectNamedProvider - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Processes the combination of Inject and Named annotations.
InjectNamedProvider(ObjectLocator, ComponentClassCache) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectNamedProvider
InjectPage - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.annotations
Allows a a page (really, the root component of the page) to be injected into another component as a read-only field.
InjectPageWorker - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Performs transformations that allow pages to be injected into components.
InjectPageWorker(ComponentSource, ComponentClassResolver, PerthreadManager) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectPageWorker
InjectResource - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations
Deprecated in Tapestry 5.3, to be removed in a later release. Use Inject instead.
InjectService - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations
Annotation used with parameters of service builder methods to identify the service to be injected into the service builder method via the parameter.
InjectServiceWorker - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Processes the InjectService annotation.
InjectServiceWorker(ObjectLocator, ComponentClassCache) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectServiceWorker
InjectWorker - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform
Performs injection triggered by any field annotated with the Inject annotation or the Inject annotation.
InjectWorker(ObjectLocator, InjectionProvider2, OperationTracker) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectWorker
inMethod() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
inOverview() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
inPackage() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
InsertPosition - Enum in org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.data
insideField(Field) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.BaseValidationDecorator
insideField(Field) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.AutofocusValidationDecorator
insideField(Field) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.ValidationDecoratorWrapper
insideField(Field) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ValidationDecorator
Invoked at a point where the decorator may write additional attributes into the field.
insideLabel(Field, Element) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.BaseValidationDecorator
insideLabel(Field, Element) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.ValidationDecoratorWrapper
insideLabel(Field, Element) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ValidationDecorator
Invoked after the label has rendered its tag, but before it has rendered content inside the tag, to allow the decorator to write additional attributes.
installShim(PlasticClassHandleShim) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
InstanceContext - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.plastic
Defines per-instance context values for a transformed PlasticClass.
instantiate(Class<? extends T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.AbstractConfigurationImpl
instantiateBridge(S, F) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.BridgeBuilder
Instantiates a bridge object.
Instantiator - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
An object that can instantiate a component.
InstructionBuilder - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.plastic
Simplifies the generation of method instructions for a particular method (or constructor), allowing bytecode to be created with a friendlier API that focuses on Java type names (names as they would appear in Java source) rather than JVM descriptors or internal names.
InstructionBuilderCallback - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.plastic
Used in various places to allow some code to be constructed under controlled circumstances.
InstructionBuilderImpl - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic
InstructionBuilderState - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic
Stores information about the method whose instructions are being constructed, to make it easier to share data across multiple instances.
InstructionBuilderState(MethodDescription, MethodVisitor, NameCache) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderState
INTEGER - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionLexer
INTEGER - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionParser
IntegerRange - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util
Represents a sequence of integer values, either ascending or descending.
IntegerRange(int, int) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.IntegerRange
InterceptorStackBuilder - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal
Responsible for constructing the interceptor stack, on demand, by invoking an ordered series of decorators ( DecoratorDef (which are converted into ServiceDecorators).
InterceptorStackBuilder(ServiceDef3, ObjectCreator, InternalRegistry) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.InterceptorStackBuilder
interleave(Flow<T>...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.func.Flow
"Stripes" together a group of flows.
IntermediateType - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.annotations
Used to guide Tapestry when coercing from a raw type to a field or parameter type, by forcing Tapestry to coerce to the intermediate type.
intern(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.StringInterner
Interns a string.
intern(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.StringInternerImpl
Internal - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.javascript
Marker annotation for the internal JavaScriptStack.
INTERNAL_GET_DELEGATE - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PlasticProxyFactoryImpl
InternalComponentInvalidationEventHub - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
Split-out implementation of InvalidationEventHub that separates it from ComponentInstantiatorSource.
InternalComponentInvalidationEventHubImpl - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
InternalComponentInvalidationEventHubImpl(boolean) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.InternalComponentInvalidationEventHubImpl
InternalComponentResources - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal
An extension of ComponentResources that represents additional methods that are private to the framework and not exposed in any public APIs.
InternalComponentResourcesCommon - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal
InternalComponentResourcesImpl - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure
The bridge between a component and its ComponentPageElement, that supplies all kinds of resources to the component, including access to its parameters, parameter bindings, and persistent field data.
InternalComponentResourcesImpl(Page, ComponentPageElement, ComponentResources, ComponentPageElementResources, String, String, Instantiator, boolean) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.InternalComponentResourcesImpl
InternalConstants - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal
InternalConstants() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.InternalConstants
InternalFormSupport - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.internal
Additional methods for FormSupport used internally by Tapestry.
InternalLayout - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.t5internal.components
A default layout for a number of internal pages in Tapestry, such as ServiceStatus and PageCatalog.
InternalLayout() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.t5internal.components.InternalLayout
InternalModule - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.modules
TapestryModule has gotten too complicated and it is nice to demarkate public (and stable) from internal (and volatile).
InternalModule() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.modules.InternalModule
InternalPlasticClassTransformation - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic
InternalPropBinding - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings
Internal marker interface for PropBinding
InternalPropertyConduit - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal
Extension to PropertyConduit2 that adds a method to determine the name of the property.
InternalRegistry - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal
Internal view of the module registry, adding additional methods needed by modules.
InternalRequestGlobals - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
Stores global per-request data internal to the framework.
InternalRequestGlobalsImpl - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
InternalRequestGlobalsImpl() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.InternalRequestGlobalsImpl
InternalSymbols - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal
InternalSymbols() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.InternalSymbols
InternalTestModule - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.t5internal.modules
Provides the "t5internal" library, that provides common text utilities needed by some of the other projects' integration tests.
InternalTestModule() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.t5internal.modules.InternalTestModule
InternalUtils - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util
Utilities used within various internal implementations of the tapestry-ioc module.
InternalUtils() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
interpolate(String, MessageInterpolator.Context) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beanvalidator.MessageInterpolatorImpl
interpolate(String, MessageInterpolator.Context, Locale) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beanvalidator.MessageInterpolatorImpl
IntervalSchedule - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.cron
A very simple schedule, that simply executes the desired job at fixed intervals.
IntervalSchedule(long) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.cron.IntervalSchedule
Interval at which the schedule should execute jobs.
introduceField(String, String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introduceField(Class, String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introduceField(String, String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Introduces a new private field into the class.
introduceField(Class, String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Convenience method that uses a Java class rather than a type name.
introduceInterface(Class) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introduceInterface(Class) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Introduces each method defined by the interface into the class.
introduceMethod(MethodDescription) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introduceMethod(MethodDescription, InstructionBuilderCallback) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introduceMethod(Method) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introduceMethod(MethodDescription) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Returns an existing method declared in this class, or introduces a new method into this class.
introduceMethod(MethodDescription, InstructionBuilderCallback) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Returns an existing method declared in this class, or introduces a new method into this class.
introduceMethod(Method) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
A convenience that creates a MethodDescription from the Method and introduces that.
introducePrivateMethod(String, String, String[], String[]) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
introducePrivateMethod(String, String, String[], String[]) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Introduces a new private method into the class, ensuring that the method name is unique.
inType() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
invalidate() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ClusteredSessionImpl
invalidate() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.MessagesSourceImpl
invalidate() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.SessionImpl
invalidate() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.PageTesterSession
invalidate() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.RecomputableSupport
Invalidates any existing RecomputableSupport.create(org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Invokable) wrappers} such that they will re-perform the computation when next invoked.
invalidate() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Session
Invalidates this session then unbinds any objects bound to it.
InvalidationEventHub - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.services
An object which manages a list of InvalidationListeners.
InvalidationEventHubImpl - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.event
Base implementation class for classes (especially services) that need to manage a list of InvalidationListeners.
InvalidationEventHubImpl(boolean) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.event.InvalidationEventHubImpl
InvalidationListener - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.services
Invariant - Annotation Type in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services
Special annotation that is applied to literal PropertyConduits, to inform PropBinding that the value is, in fact, invariant.
InvariantBinding - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings
Extends AbstractBinding with a description and a binding type, with invariant forced to true.
InvariantBinding(Location, Class, String) - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings.InvariantBinding
invert(Object) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.PropertyConduitDelegate
INVISIBLE - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.CSSClassConstants
Removed in Tapestry 5.4 with no replacement.
Invokable<T> - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc
Similar to Runnable except that it returns a value.
INVOKE - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.antlr.PropertyExpressionParser
invoke(Method) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invoke(Class, Class, String, Class...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invoke(Object, Object...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.MethodHandleImpl
invoke(Object, int, Object[]) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassHandleShim
Invokes a method.
invoke(String, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.ComponentPageElementResourcesImpl
invoke(ModuleBuilderSource, OperationTracker, ObjectLocator, Logger) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.def.StartupDef
Invoke the startup method, which includes computing any parameters to the method.
invoke(InjectionResources) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.AbstractMethodInvokingInstrumenter
invoke(String, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.OperationTrackerImpl
invoke(String, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.PerThreadOperationTracker
invoke(String, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.QuietOperationTracker
invoke(String, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.RegistryImpl
invoke(Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.NonParallelExecutor
invoke(Class<T>, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.NonParallelExecutor
invoke(Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.ParallelExecutorImpl
invoke(Class<T>, Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.ParallelExecutorImpl
invoke(Invokable<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PerthreadManagerImpl
invoke(ModuleBuilderSource, OperationTracker, ObjectLocator, Logger) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.StartupDefImpl
invoke() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.ConstructorInvoker
invoke() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.LoggingInvokableWrapper
invoke() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.MethodInvoker
invoke() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Invokable
Called to produce a value.
invoke(String, Invokable<T>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.OperationTracker
As with OperationTracker.run(String, Runnable), but the operation may return a value.
invoke(Invokable<T>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.ParallelExecutor
Submits the invocable object to be executed in a pooled thread.
invoke(Class<T>, Invokable<T>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.ParallelExecutor
As with ParallelExecutor.invoke(org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Invokable), but the result is wrapped inside a thunk.
invoke(Invokable<T>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.PerthreadManager
Returns the result from the invocation, providing a try...finally to cleanup after.
invoke(Class, Class, String, Class...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Automatically invokes an interface or virtual method.
invoke(Method) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Automatically invokes an interface or virtual method.
invoke(Object, Object...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.MethodHandle
Invokes the method for this handle on the instance.
invoke(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.javascript.Initialization
Specifies the function to invoke.
invokeConstructor(String, String...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeConstructor(Class, Class...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeConstructor(String, String...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Invokes a constructor on a class.
invokeConstructor(Class, Class...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
invokeFunction(String, Object...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.webresources.RhinoExecutor
Invokes the named function, which must return a scriptable object (typically, a JavaScript Object).
invokeInterface(String, String, String, String...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeInterface(String, String, String, String...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Invokes a standard virtual method.
invokeSpecial(String, MethodDescription) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeSpecial(String, MethodDescription) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Invokes an instance method of a base class, or a private method of a class, using the target object and parameters already on the stack.
invokeStatic(Class, Class, String, Class...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeStatic(Class, Class, String, Class...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Invokes a static method of a class.
invokeVirtual(PlasticMethod) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeVirtual(String, String, String, String...) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
invokeVirtual(String, String, String, String...) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Invokes a standard virtual method.
invokeVirtual(PlasticMethod) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
IOCConstants - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc
IOCConstants() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.IOCConstants
IOCSymbols - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc
Configuration symbols used by the IoC container.
IOCSymbols() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.IOCSymbols
IOCTestCase - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.test
In 5.4, with no replacement
IOCTestCase() - Constructor for class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.test.IOCTestCase
IOCUtilities - Class in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc
A collection of utility methods for a couple of different areas, including creating the initial Registry.
IOOperation<T> - Interface in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc
An operation that, when performed, returns a value (like Invokable, but may throw an IOException.
IS_BLANK - Static variable in class org.apache.tapestry5.func.F
Predicate that returns true if the provided string is blank (null or all whitespace).
isAborted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ComponentResultProcessorWrapper
Returns true if ComponentEventCallback.handleResult(Object) was invoked, false otherwise.
isAborted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.EventImpl
isAborted() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.runtime.Event
Returns true if the event has been aborted (meaning that the return value from some event handler method was accepted, and processing of the event was terminated).
isAborted() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.TrackableComponentEventCallback
Returns true if a return value from an event handler method was processed.
isAbsolute() - Method in enum org.apache.tapestry5.LinkSecurity
Does this value indicate forcing an absolute URI (one that includes scheme and hostname)?
isAbstract() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticMethod
Returns true if the method is abstract.
isActiveSortColumn() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.GridColumns
isAlertPresent() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isAllocated(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util.IdAllocator
Checks to see if a given name has been allocated.
isAllowNull() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.ParameterModelImpl
isAllowNull() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ParameterModel
If true, then no check is needed.
isAssignableFrom(Type, Type) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.GenericsUtils
Determines if the suspected super type is assignable from the suspected sub type.
isBlank(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticInternalUtils
isBlank(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
Returns true if the input is null, or is a zero length string (excluding leading/trailing whitespace).
isBound(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ComponentResources
Returns true if the named parameter is bound, false if not.
isBound(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.pageload.EmbeddedComponentAssemblerImpl
isBound(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.InternalComponentResourcesImpl
isBound() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.ParameterConduit
Determines if the parameter is actually bound.
isBypassActivation() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.StreamPageContent
isCacheable(StreamableResource) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.assets.SRSCachingInterceptor
Always returns true; a subclass may extend this to only cache the resource in some circumstances.
isCacheable(StreamableResource) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.assets.SRSCompressedCachingInterceptor
Return true only if the resource is compressed.
isCached() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.ParameterModelImpl
isCached() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.MethodResultCache
Returns true if the cache contains a cached value.
isCached() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ParameterModel
isCanceled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.cron.PeriodicJob
Has this job been canceled.
isCastRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PropertyAdapterImpl
isCastRequired() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.PropertyAdapter
Returns true if the return type of the read method is not the same as the property type.
isChecked(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isClaimed() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticField
Returns true if the field has already been claimed.
isClassHasTags() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.pages.ComponentLibraries
isClientRequestOnWhitelist() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.security.ClientWhitelistImpl
isClientRequestOnWhitelist() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.security.ClientWhitelist
Analyzes the current request, returning true if it is on the whitelist.
isClientValidationEnabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.internal.FormSupportAdapter
isClientValidationEnabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.internal.FormSupportImpl
isClientValidationEnabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.FormSupport
Return true if client validation is enabled for this form, false otherwise.
isCommitted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ResponseImpl
isCommitted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.TestableResponseImpl
isCommitted() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Response
Returns true if the response has already been sent, either as a redirect or as a stream of content.
isCommitted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.util.ResponseWrapper
isComplexProperty() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.pages.ExceptionReport
isCompressable(StreamableResource) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.AbstractAssetFactory
isCompressable(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.assets.CompressionAnalyzerImpl
isCompressable(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.assets.CompressionAnalyzer
For a given MIME type, is the content compressable via GZip?
isConfirmationPresent() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isCookiePresent(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isDebugEnabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.MethodLogger
isDependencyManagementInfoPresent() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.ComponentLibraryInfo
Tells whether full dependency management info (group id, artifact id and version) are present.
isDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.AbstractOptionModel
Returns false.
isDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractField
isDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractLink
Returns true if the component is disabled (as per its disabled parameter).
isDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Radio
Returns true if this component has been expressly disabled (via its disabled parameter), or if the container has been disabled.
isDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.RadioGroup
isDisabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.Field
Returns true if the field is disabled; A disabled field will render a disabled attribute so that it is non-responsive on the client (at least, until its disabled status is changed on the client using JavaScript).
isDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.OptionGroupModelImpl
isDisabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.OptionGroupModel
If true, the group (and all options within it) will be disabled.
isDisabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.OptionModel
If true, then a disabled attribute will be rendered with the <option>.
isDisabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.RadioContainer
If true, then all radio buttons within the container should be disabled.
isEagerLoad() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.spring.SpringBeanServiceDef
isEagerLoad() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.def.ServiceDef
Returns true if the service should be eagerly loaded at Registry startup.
isEagerLoad() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.ServiceDefImpl
isEdit() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.BeanBlockContribution
If true, then the block provides an editor for the property, consisting of a Label and some field component (or set of field components).
isEditable(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isElementPresent(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isEmpty() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.internal.ComponentActionSink
isEmpty() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.dom.Element
Returns true if the element has no children, or has only text children that contain only whitespace.
isEmpty() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.func.FlowOperations
Returns true if the Flow contains no values.
isEmpty(Object[]) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticInternalUtils
isEmpty() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util.CaseInsensitiveMap
isEmpty() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util.Stack
Returns true if the stack is empty.
isEmptyCollection(Object) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
Returns true if the input is an empty collection.
isEnabled(StreamableResource) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.webresources.AbstractMinimizer
Determines if the resource can be minimized.
isEnabled(StreamableResource) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.webresources.GoogleClosureMinimizer
isEnabledFor(boolean) - Method in enum org.apache.tapestry5.services.pageload.PreloaderMode
isEqual(Object, Object) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticInternalUtils
Returns true if both objects are the same instance, or both null, or left equals right.
isEqual(T, T) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.TapestryInternalUtils
Determines if the two values are equal.
isEqual(EventContext, EventContext) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.TapestryInternalUtils
isEventAborted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.AbstractComponentCallback
isEventAborted() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.ComponentCallback
Returns true if the underlying event has been aborted and no further event method invocations should occur.
isEventAborted() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.LifecycleNotificationComponentCallback
Always returns false, as there is no event.
isExactParameterCountMatch() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.Page
Returns true if extract parameter count matching is enabled.
isExactParameterCountMatch() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.PageImpl
isExecuting() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.cron.PeriodicJob
Is this Job currently executing (or queued, awaiting execution)?
isExpanded(TreeNode<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.tree.DefaultTreeExpansionModel
isExpanded(TreeNode<T>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.tree.TreeExpansionModel
Returns true if the node has been previously expanded.
isExtension() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.parser.ComponentTemplate
Returns true if this component template is an extension of its parent class' template.
isExtension() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.parser.ComponentTemplateImpl
isFail() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.MethodInvocationFailResult
isFail() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.MethodInvocationSuccessfulResult
isFail() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.MethodInvocationResult
If true, then the method invocation ended with a checked exception being thrown.
isField() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PropertyAdapterImpl
isField() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.PropertyAdapter
Returns true if the property is actually a public field (possibly, a public static field).
isFormalParameter(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.MutableComponentModelImpl
isFormalParameter(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ComponentModel
Returns true if the named parameter is formally defined (there's a ParameterModel).
isGZipEnabled(ContentType) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ResponseCompressionAnalyzerImpl
isGZipEnabled(ContentType) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ResponseCompressionAnalyzer
Uses CompressionAnalyzer to determine if the content is compressable, but only if the request indicates the client supports compression.
isGZipSupported() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ResponseCompressionAnalyzerImpl
isGZipSupported() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ResponseCompressionAnalyzer
Checks the Accept-Encoding request header for a "gzip" token.
isHtml5SupportEnabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.Html5SupportImpl
isHtml5SupportEnabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Html5Support
Tells whether HTML5 is supported.
isImplemented(String, String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InheritanceData
Returns true if a transformed parent class contains an implementation of, or abstract placeholder for, the method.
isInlineTag() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.javadoc.TapestryDocTaglet
isInMemory() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.upload.internal.services.UploadedFileItem
isInMemory() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.upload.services.UploadedFile
isInterfaceImplemented(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InheritanceData
Returns true if the class represented by this data, or any parent data, implements the named interface.
isInterfaceImplemented(Class) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
isInterfaceImplemented(Class) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Returns true if this class, or a super-class, implements the indicated interface.
isInvalidated() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.SessionImpl
isInvalidated() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.PageTesterSession
isInvalidated() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Session
Checks to see if the session has been invalidated.
isInvariant() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.Asset2
Returns true if the Asset is invariant (meaning that it returns the same value from Asset.toClientURL() at all times).
isInvariant() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.Binding
Returns true if the value of the binding does not ever change.
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings.AbstractBinding
Returns true.
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings.InvariantBinding
Returns true.
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings.PropBinding
Almost always returns false, unless the conduit provides the Invariant annotation.
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings.RenderVariableBinding
Returns false, render variables are always variable.
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.AbstractAsset
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.AttributeExpansionBinding
Returns false.
isInvariant() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.IdentityAssetPathConverter
isInvariant() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.AssetPathConverter
Returns true if the converter returns the exact same converted path for any specific asset path (in which case, the converted asset path may be cached in component instance variables more aggressively).
isLeaf(T) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.tree.TreeModelAdapter
Determines if the value is a leaf or a (potential) container of children.
isLeaf() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.tree.TreeNode
If true, then this node is a leaf node, which never has children (i.e., a file).
isLeapYear(int) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.cron.CronExpression
isLoaded() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.InternalComponentResourcesCommon
Returns true if the component has finished loading.
isLoaded() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.ComponentPageElementImpl
isLoaded() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.InternalComponentResourcesImpl
isLocalFile(Class) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
Determines if the indicated class is stored as a locally accessible file (and not, typically, as a file inside a JAR).
isLoopback() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.PageRenderRequestParameters
Is this request a loopback (a request for the same page that rendered it in the first place)?
isMatch(Object) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.func.Tuple
The heart of Tuple.equals(Object); the other object is the same class as this object.
isMatchBottom() - Method in enum org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.data.GridPagerPosition
isMatchTop() - Method in enum org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.data.GridPagerPosition
isMethodImplemented(MethodDescription) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticClassImpl
isMethodImplemented(MethodDescription) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticClass
Returns true if this class has an implementation of the indicated method, or a super-class provides a non-abstract implementation.
isMissing() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.parser.ComponentTemplate
Returns true if no template could be found for the component.
isMissing() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.parser.ComponentTemplateImpl
Returns false.
isMixin() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ComponentResources
Returns true if these resources represent a mixin to another component.
isMixin() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.InternalComponentResourcesImpl
isMixinAfter() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.MutableComponentModelImpl
isMixinAfter() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ComponentModel
Relevant for component mixins only.
isMulti() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.upload.internal.services.ParameterValue
isNonBlank(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PlasticInternalUtils
isNonBlank(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
isNull() - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.func.F
A Predicate factory; returns true if the value from the Flow is null.
isNull(int) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.json.JSONArray
Determine if the value is null.
isNull(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.json.JSONObject
Determine if the value associated with the key is null or if there is no value.
isOptional() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.def.ContributionDef3
Is this contribution optional, meaning it is not an error if the service to which the contribution is targetted does not exist.
isOptional() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.ContributionDefImpl
isOptionSelected(OptionModel, String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.SelectModelRenderer
If true, then the selected attribute will be written.
isOrdered(String, String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isOverride() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticMethod
Returns true if the method is an override of a method from the parent class.
isOverridingSignatureOf(MethodSignature) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.MethodSignature
Returns true if this signature has the same return type, name and parameters types as the method signature passed in, and this signature's exceptions "trump" (are the same as, or super-implementations of, all exceptions thrown by the other method signature).
isPage() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.MutableComponentModelImpl
isPage(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ComponentClassResolverImpl
isPage() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ComponentModel
Is this a model of a page (rather than a component, mixin, or base-class)?
isPage(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ComponentClassResolver
Returns true if the class name is specifically a page class, and not a component, mixin or base class.
isPageName(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.ComponentClassResolverImpl
isPageName(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.ComponentClassResolver
For a particular path, determines if the path is a logical page name.
isPart(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.ComponentLibraryInfo
Given a logical name, tells whether a given component, page or mixin is part of this component library.
isPartialRenderInitialized() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.PageRenderQueue
isPartialRenderInitialized() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.PageRenderQueueImpl
isPreventDecoration() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.spring.SpringBeanServiceDef
isPreventDecoration() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.def.ServiceDef2
Returns true if the service should not be decorated.
isPreventDecoration() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.ServiceDefImpl
isPrimitive(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticUtils
Determines if the provided type name is a primitive type.
isPrimitive(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.TransformUtils
Returns true if the specified type is a primitive type.
isPromptPresent() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isRead() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PropertyAdapterImpl
isRead() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.PropertyAdapter
Returns true if the property is readable (i.e., has a getter method or is a public field).
isRendering() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ComponentResourcesCommon
Returns true if the component is currently rendering, false otherwise.
isRendering() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.ComponentPageElementImpl
isRendering() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.InternalComponentResourcesImpl
isRenderTracingEnabled() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.ComponentPageElementResources
Returns true if component element tracing is enabled.
isRenderTracingEnabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure.ComponentPageElementResourcesImpl
isRequestedSessionIdValid() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.RequestImpl
isRequestedSessionIdValid() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.TestableRequestImpl
Always returns true.
isRequestedSessionIdValid() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.DelegatingRequest
isRequestedSessionIdValid() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Request
Checks whether the requested session ID is still valid.
isRequestOnWhitelist(Request) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.security.LocalhostOnly
isRequestOnWhitelist(Request) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.security.WhitelistAnalyzer
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractField
Returns false; most components do not support declarative validation.
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractTextField
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Checklist
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.DateField
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Palette
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Radio
Returns false; the RadioComponent component does not support declarative field validation.
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.RadioGroup
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Select
isRequired() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.Field
Returns true if this field required (as per FieldValidator.isRequired()).
isRequired() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.FieldValidator
Returns true if any underlying Validator returns true from Validator.isRequired().
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beanvalidator.BeanFieldValidator
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.ParameterModelImpl
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.CompositeFieldValidator
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.FieldValidatorImpl
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.kaptcha.components.KaptchaField
Always required.
isRequired() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ParameterModel
If true, the parameter is required.
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.upload.components.Upload
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.validator.AbstractValidator
Return false, which is correct for the vast majority of validators.
isRequired() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.Validator
Returns true if the validator should be invoked for null or blank (empty string) values.
isRequired() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.validator.Required
The exception to the rule.
isReserved(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.FormControlNameManager
Tells whether a given name is reserved.
isReserved(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.FormControlNameManagerImpl
isRootClass() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.model.MutableComponentModelImpl
isRootClass() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.model.ComponentModel
Returns true if the modeled component is a root class, a component class whose parent class is not a component class.
isRootTransformation() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.transform.TransformationSupport
Returns true if the class being transformed is a root class: it does not inherit from another transformed class, but instead inherits from Object.
isSatisfiedBy(Date) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.cron.CronExpression
Indicates whether the given date satisfies the cron expression.
isSecure() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.RequestImpl
isSecure() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.TestableRequestImpl
isSecure() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.DelegatingRequest
isSecure() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Request
Returns a boolean indicating whether this request was made using a secure channel, such as HTTPS.
isSelected(Object) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.RadioContainer
Returns true if the value is the current selected value.
isSelected(TreeNode<T>) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.tree.DefaultTreeSelectionModel
isSelected(TreeNode<T>) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.tree.TreeSelectionModel
Returns true, if the given node is selected.
isSessionInvalidated() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.RequestImpl
isSessionInvalidated() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.TestableRequestImpl
isSessionInvalidated() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.DelegatingRequest
isSessionInvalidated() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Request
Returns true if the request specified a session, and that session has been invalidated.
isSet() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.PersistentLocaleImpl
isSet() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.PersistentLocale
isShowActions() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.pages.ExceptionReport
isSingleton() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PerThreadServiceLifecycle
Returns false; this lifecycle represents a service that will be created many times (by each thread).
isSingleton() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.SingletonServiceLifecycle
isSingleton() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.ServiceLifecycle
Returns true if the lifecycle is a singleton (a service that will only be created once).
isSomethingSelected(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isSortable() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.beaneditor.PropertyModel
Returns true if the property can be used for sorting.
isSortable() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beaneditor.PropertyModelImpl
isSortDisabled() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.GridColumns
isStatic(Method) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils
Returns true if the method provided is a static method.
isSupportedLocaleName(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.LocalizationSetterImpl
isSupportedLocaleName(String) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.LocalizationSetter
Checks to see if the indicated locale name is a supported locale name (that may have been incorporated into a request path).
isTextPresent(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isToString(Method) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.MethodIterator
Returns true if the method is the standard toString() method.
isTransformed() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InheritanceData
Is this bundle for a transformed class, or for a base class (typically Object)?
isUpdate() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PropertyAdapterImpl
isUpdate() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.PropertyAdapter
Returns true if the property is writeable (i.e., has a setter method or is a non-final field).
isValid() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.BeanEditForm
isValid() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Form
isValid() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.FormValidationControl
Returns true if the form's ValidationTracker does not contain any errors.
isValidExpression(String) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.cron.CronExpression
Indicates whether the specified cron expression can be parsed into a valid cron expression
isVirtual() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.VirtualResource
isVirtual() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.AbstractResource
isVirtual() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Resource
Returns true if the resource is virtual, meaning this is no underlying file.
isVisible(String) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.test.SeleniumTestCase
isVoid() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.PlasticMethod
Returns true if this method is type void.
isWide() - Method in enum org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.PrimitiveType
isXHR() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.services.RequestImpl
isXHR() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test.TestableRequestImpl
Always returns false.
isXHR() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.services.DelegatingRequest
isXHR() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.services.Request
Returns true if the request originated on the client using XmlHttpRequest (the core of any Ajax behavior).
isXML() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.dom.DefaultMarkupModel
Returns false.
isXML() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.dom.Html5MarkupModel
isXML() - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.dom.MarkupModel
Returns true if the document markup is XML, which is used to determine the need for an XML declaration at the start of the document, and whether CDATA sections are supported.
isXML() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.dom.XMLMarkupModel
Returns true.
iterate(T, Mapper<T, T>) - Static method in class org.apache.tapestry5.func.F
Creates an infinite lazy flow from an initial value and a function to map from the current value to the next value.
iterateArray(InstructionBuilderCallback) - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.plastic.InstructionBuilderImpl
iterateArray(InstructionBuilderCallback) - Method in interface org.apache.tapestry5.plastic.InstructionBuilder
Expects an array to be the top value on the stack.
iterator() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.internal.util.IntegerRange
The main puprose of a range object is to produce an Iterator.
iterator() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InheritanceSearch
iterator() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.util.LocalizedNameGenerator
So that LNG may be used with the for loop.
iterator() - Method in class org.apache.tapestry5.json.JSONArray
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