Link Renderers and ILink Components

Previous version of Tapestry (specifically T3) included a PopupLink component that was used to create new windows with content.

This logic has since been refactored in to a new renderer parameter that is supported by the majority of standard link components found in the core Tapestry framework library. The below snippets will provide some small examples of using this new parameter.

DirectLink using PopupLinkRenderer

A very simple example of using the PopupLinkRenderer in conjunction with the DirectLink component:

<bean name="renderer" class="">
    <set name="windowName" value="literal:TapestryInspector"/>
    <set name="features">

<component id="link" type="DirectLink">
    <binding name="listener" value="listener:trigger"/>
    <binding name="stateful" value="false"/>
    <binding name="renderer" value="bean:renderer"/>