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Popup Link
Creates a <a> popup link to launch a target window using the javascript, windowName, windowFeatures) function.
See Also
ExternalLink, PageLink
Name Type Direction Required Default Description
href String in yes   The URL of the window to open.
features String in no   The JavaScript features of the target window. Boolean features to include be should be specified in comma delimited string. Integer features (left, height, top, width) should be specified by assigning the feature value as [feature name]=100. JavaScript 1.1 features include:

height, left, location, menubar, resizable, scrollbars, status, toolbar, top, width

windowName String in no popuplink_window The name of the target window.

Body: rendered
Informal parameters:allowed
Reserved parameters: none


This example provides a context help popup link for an account number field.

Account Number: Help

 <td> Account Number: </td>
 <td> <input jwcid="@TextField" value='ognl:visit.accountNumber'/> </td>
 <td> <a href="help/account-number-help.html" jwcid="@contrib:PopupLink" features='ognl:"resizable,scrollbars,top=100,left=100,height=400,width=300"'>Help</a> </td>

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