Class AbstractPropertyOutput

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractPropertyOutput
Direct Known Subclasses:
GridCell, PropertyDisplay

public abstract class AbstractPropertyOutput
extends Object

Base class for components that output a property value using a PropertyModel. There's a relationship between such a component and its container, as the container may provide messages in its message catalog needed by the Blocks that render the values. In addition, the component may be passed Block parameters that are output overrides for specified properties.

Subclasses will implement a beginRender() method that invokes renderPropertyValue(MarkupWriter, String).

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  PropertyModel getPropertyModel()
protected  Object renderPropertyValue(MarkupWriter writer, String overrideBlockId)
          Invoked from subclasses to do the rendering.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractPropertyOutput()
Method Detail


protected PropertyModel getPropertyModel()


protected Object renderPropertyValue(MarkupWriter writer,
                                     String overrideBlockId)
Invoked from subclasses to do the rendering. The subclass controls the naming convention for locating an overriding Block parameter (it is the name of the property possibly suffixed with a value).

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