Package org.apache.tapestry5.func

Light-weight functional programming for Flows of values


Interface Summary
Flow<T> A flow is a a functional interface for working with an ordered collection of elements.
LazyFunction<T> A lazy function is used to populate a Flow incrementally.
LazyValue<T> A function that returns a value, allowing the computation of that value to be deferred as late as possible.
Mapper<S,T> Interface for operation to define how Flow elements are mapped from one type to another (or otherwise transformed).
Mapper2<A,B,C> A generalization of Mapper for a two-input function.
Predicate<T> Used when filtering a collection of objects of a given type; the predicate is passed each object in turn, and returns true to include the object in the result collection.
Reducer<A,T> A reducer takes an accumulator value and a single value from a collection and computes a new accumulator value.
Worker<T> An operational function used with a Flow.
ZippedFlow<A,B> The result of the Flow.zipWith(Flow) method (or created from a Map via F.zippedFlow(Map)), a Flow of combined Tuple values (that can be deconstructed, eventually, using ZippedFlow.unzip()).

Class Summary
F Functional operations on collections with generics support.
LazyContinuation<T> The result of the evaluation of a LazyFunction.
Tuple<A,B> A Tuple holds two values of two different types.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.func Description

Light-weight functional programming for Flows of values

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