Class ValidateAnnotationConstraintGenerator

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.internal.beaneditor.ValidateAnnotationConstraintGenerator
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public class ValidateAnnotationConstraintGenerator
extends Object
implements ValidationConstraintGenerator

Checks for the Validate annotation, and extracts its value to form the result.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<String> buildConstraints(Class propertyType, AnnotationProvider annotationProvider)
          For a given property, identify all the approprite validation constraints.
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Constructor Detail


public ValidateAnnotationConstraintGenerator()
Method Detail


public List<String> buildConstraints(Class propertyType,
                                     AnnotationProvider annotationProvider)
Description copied from interface: ValidationConstraintGenerator
For a given property, identify all the approprite validation constraints. Each returned value is the name of a validator (i.e., "required") or a validator name and configuration (i.e., "minlength=5"). These contraints are exactly the individual terms in a validate specification. These will ultimately be used to create FieldValidators for the field that edits the property.

Specified by:
buildConstraints in interface ValidationConstraintGenerator
propertyType - the type of the property for which constraints are needed
annotationProvider - provides access to any annotations concerning the property (for implementations that are based on analysis of property annotations)
a list of constraints
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