Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] support classes for binding; API subject to change


Interface Summary
InternalPropBinding Internal marker interface for PropBinding

Class Summary
AbstractBinding Abstract base class for bindings.
AssetBindingFactory Binding factory where the expression is a reference to an asset.
BlockBindingFactory Accesses a named block from the container.
ComponentBindingFactory The "component:" binding prefix, which allows access to a child component via its id.
ContextBindingFactory Specialization of AssetBindingFactory that is explicitly limited to context assets.
InvariantBinding Extends AbstractBinding with a description and a binding type, with invariant forced to true.
LiteralBinding Binding type for literal, immutable values.
LiteralBindingFactory Binding factory that treats the expression as a literal string.
MessageBindingFactory Implementation of the message: binding prefix -- we simply get the message key and store it inside at LiteralBinding.
NullFieldStrategyBindingFactory Treats the expression as the name of a NullFieldStrategy, accessed via the NullFieldStrategySource service.
PropBinding Base class for bindings created by the PropBindingFactory.
PropBindingFactory Binding factory for reading and updating JavaBean properties.
TranslateBindingFactory Interprets the binding expression as the name of a Translator provided by the TranslatorSource.
ValidateBindingFactory Factory for bindings that provide a FieldValidator based on a validator specification.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.bindings Description

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] support classes for binding; API subject to change

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