Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.parser

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] support classes for component template rendering; API subject to change


Interface Summary
ComponentTemplate A parsed component template, containing all the tokens parsed from the template.

Class Summary
AttributeToken Stores an attribute/value pair (as part of an XML element).
BlockToken A block, used to enclose a chunk of template (including components) and control when or if the content is rendered.
BodyToken Placeholder for a component's body (within the component's template).
CDATAToken Literal text that was enclosed within a !CDATA in the input template (so we should do the same during output).
CommentToken A node representing a comment embedded in the source input.
DefineNamespacePrefixToken A token from a template that defines a namespace prefix.
DTDToken Represents the presence of a Document Type declaration within a template.
EndElementToken Ends a previously started element (including components, parameters, blocks, etc.).
ExpansionToken A token containing an expression expansion from the template.
ExtensionPointToken A token that represents the replacement of a portion of the template with the content of an extension point, or an override of that extension point.
ParameterToken A parameter block to be passed to a component as a parameter.
StartComponentToken The start element of a component within the template.
StartElementToken The start of an ordinary element within the template (as opposed to StartComponentToken, which represents an active Tapestry token.
TemplateToken Base class for tokens parsed out of a template.

Enum Summary
TokenType Defines the different types of TemplateTokens.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.parser Description

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] support classes for component template rendering; API subject to change

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