Annotation Type Scope

public @interface Scope

An optional annotation that may be placed on a service building method of a module, or on the implementation class (when using service binding). The annotation overrides the default scope for services (the default being a global singleton that is instantiated on demand) for an alternate lifecycle. Alternate lifecycles are typically used to bind a service implementation to a single thread or request. Modules may define new scopes. Each scope should have a corresponding ServiceLifecycle implementation. The linkage from scope name to service lifecycle occurs via a contribution to the ServiceLifecycleSource service configuration.

The annotation may also be placed directly on a service implementation class, when using service binding (via the ServiceBinder).

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Required Element Summary
 String value
          An identifier used to look up a non-default ServiceLifecycle.

Element Detail


public abstract String value
An identifier used to look up a non-default ServiceLifecycle.

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