Class DefaultImplementationBuilderImpl

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultImplementationBuilderImpl
extends Object
implements DefaultImplementationBuilder

Constructor Summary
DefaultImplementationBuilderImpl(PlasticProxyFactory proxyFactory)
Method Summary
<S> S
createDefaultImplementation(Class<S> serviceInterface)
          Creates a new implementation of the provided interface.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultImplementationBuilderImpl(@Builtin
                                        PlasticProxyFactory proxyFactory)
Method Detail


public <S> S createDefaultImplementation(Class<S> serviceInterface)
Description copied from interface: DefaultImplementationBuilder
Creates a new implementation of the provided interface. Each method in the interface will be implemented as a noop method. The method will ignore any parameters and return null, or 0, or false (or return nothing if the method is void).

Specified by:
createDefaultImplementation in interface DefaultImplementationBuilder
implementation of service interface

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