Class LoggingDecoratorImpl

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LoggingDecoratorImpl
extends Object
implements LoggingDecorator

Constructor Summary
LoggingDecoratorImpl(AspectDecorator aspectDecorator, LoggingAdvisor advisor)
Method Summary
<T> T
build(Class<T> serviceInterface, T delegate, String serviceId, org.slf4j.Logger logger)
          Builds a logging interceptor instance.
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Constructor Detail


public LoggingDecoratorImpl(AspectDecorator aspectDecorator,
                            LoggingAdvisor advisor)
Method Detail


public <T> T build(Class<T> serviceInterface,
                   T delegate,
                   String serviceId,
                   org.slf4j.Logger logger)
Description copied from interface: LoggingDecorator
Builds a logging interceptor instance.

Specified by:
build in interface LoggingDecorator
serviceInterface - interface implemented by the delegate
delegate - existing object to be wrapped
serviceId - id of service
logger - log used for debug level logging messages by the interceptor
a new object implementing the interface that can be used in place of the delegate, providing logging behavior around each method call on the service interface

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