Various services for assets (e.g., images, JavaScript & CSS files)


Interface Summary
AssetPathConstructor Encapsulates the logic or creating the path portion of an asset URL, including the application version.
AssetRequestHandler Handler for asset requests, which expose some kind of Asset to the user agent (i.e., the client web browser).
CompressionAnalyzer Identifies which content types are compressable.
ContentTypeAnalyzer Used to determine the MIME content type for a resource.
ResourceDependencies Used by some ResourceTransformer implementations to track additional dependencies that can arise when the underlying resource being transformed can be dependent on other resources (for instance, if it has the notion of "including" or "importing" content).
ResourceMinimizer Certain kinds of resources can be minimized: this primarily refers to JavaScript and CSS, both of which contain whitespace, comments and other features that can be reduced.
ResourceTransformer A transformer is used to read a Resource and pass it through a transformation stage, to get a stream that can be used on the client side.
StreamableResource An object, derived from a Resource, that can be streamed (ultimately, to a client web browser).
StreamableResourceSource Converts Resources into StreamableResources, and may be responsible for transforming resources based on file extension.

Class Summary

Enum Summary
CompressionStatus Indicates how the content inside a StreamableResource is (potentially) compressed.
StreamableResourceProcessing Defines additional features desired when accessing the content of a Resource as a StreamableResource.

Package Description

Various services for assets (e.g., images, JavaScript & CSS files)

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