Package org.apache.tapestry5.test

Support for testing Tapestry pages


Interface Summary
ErrorReporter Responsible for writing an error report for the current test, after an assertion fails.
ServletContainerRunner Used as a wrapper around code that runs a web server as part of a SeleniumTestCase, so that the server may be shut down at the end of the test.

Class Summary
ErrorReportingCommandProcessor A wrapper around a standard command processor that adds additional exception reporting when a failure occurs.
Jetty7Runner Launches an instance of Jetty7.
PageTester This class is used to run a Tapestry app in a single-threaded, in-process testing environment.
RandomDataSource Provides access to random data that can be used when populating a test database with "reasonable" data.
SeleniumLauncher Deprecated. To be removed in Tapestry 5.3.
SeleniumTestCase Base class for creating Selenium-based integration test cases.
TapestryTestCase Base test case that adds a number of convenience factory and training methods for the public interfaces of Tapestry.
Tomcat6Runner Launches an instance of Tomcat 6.

Annotation Types Summary
TapestryTestConfiguration To be used on Selenium-based integration tests that extend SeleniumTestCase as an alternative to using a TestNG XML configuration file.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.test Description

Support for testing Tapestry pages

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