Built-in Mixins

Tapestry includes the following mixins out-of-the-box.


modifies a text field to provide for auto-completion of text using values retrieved from the server as the user types. See instructions.

Confirmattached to a Form or link component, runs a modal-dialog to force the user to confirm the behavior. New for Tapestry 5.4.


discards a component's body. Returns false from the BeforeRenderBody phase, which prevents the rendering of the body.


instruments the outer Form on which component the focus should be activated. Replaced by OverrideFieldFocus starting in Tapestry 5.4.

FormGroupattaches to a field to render an enclosing <div> element and label for proper Bootstrap markup of text fields, selects, and textareas


attaches to any component that renders an element. At the end of the render, if the element is empty, then a non-breaking space (&nbsp;) is injected into the element.


when attached to a form field, causes that field to gain focus. Starting in Tapestry 5.4, this supersedes FormFieldFocus.


forces a client element to render its client id by ensuring that "getClientId" is called.


renders a "disabled" attribute if the containing component is disabled


renders out all informal parameters, at the end of the BeginRender phase. This mixin can be used with components that render a single tag inside the BeginRender phase.


triggers component event notifications when the attached component enters its BeginRender and AfterRender render phases.


when applied to a Checkbox or Radio component, links the input field and a FormFragment, making the field control the client-side visibility of the FormFragment


periodically refreshes a Zone by triggering an event on the server using ajax requests.