Interface FieldValidationSupport

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        java.lang.String toClient​(java.lang.Object value,
                                  ComponentResources componentResources,
                                  FieldTranslator<java.lang.Object> translator,
                                  NullFieldStrategy nullFieldStrategy)
        A wrapper around Translator.toClient(Object) that first fires a "toclient" event on the component to see if it can perform the conversion. If the value is null, then no event is fired and the translator is not invoked, the return value is simply null.
        value - to be converted to a client-side string, which may be null
        componentResources - used to fire events on the component
        translator - used if the component does not provide a non-null value
        nullFieldStrategy - used to convert a null server side value to an appropriate client side value
        the translated value or null if the value is null
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