Interface PropertyModel

    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyName

        String getPropertyName()
        Returns the name of the property (which may, in fact, be a property expression).
      • getId

        String getId()
        Returns the id used to access other resources (this is based on the property name, but with any excess punctuation stripped out).
      • getLabel

        String getLabel()
        Returns a user-presentable label for the property.
      • getDataType

        String getDataType()
        Returns a logical name for the type of UI needed to view or edit the property. This is initially determined from the property type.
      • dataType

        PropertyModel dataType​(String dataType)
        Changes the data type for the property.
        dataType -
        the property model, for further changes
      • getConduit

        PropertyConduit getConduit()
        Returns an object used to read or update the property. For virtual properties (properties that do not actually exist on the bean), the conduit may be null.
      • label

        PropertyModel label​(String label)
        Changes the label for the property to the provided value.
        label - new label for property
        the property model, for further changes
      • model

        BeanModel model()
        Returns the containing model, often used for "fluent" construction of the model.
      • isSortable

        boolean isSortable()
        Returns true if the property can be used for sorting. By default, this is true only if the property type implements Comparable.
      • sortable

        PropertyModel sortable​(boolean sortable)
        Updates sortable and returns the model for further changes.
        the property model, for further changes