Class InternalCommonsUtils

    • Method Detail

      • addToMapList

        public static <K,​V> void addToMapList​(Map<K,​List<V>> map,
                                                    K key,
                                                    V value)
        Adds a value to a specially organized map where the values are lists of objects. This somewhat simulates a map that allows multiple values for the same key.
        Type Parameters:
        K - the type of key
        V - the type of the list
        map - to store value into
        key - for which a value is added
        value - to add
      • extractIdFromPropertyExpression

        public static String extractIdFromPropertyExpression​(String expression)
        Used to convert a property expression into a key that can be used to locate various resources (Blocks, messages, etc.). Strips out any punctuation characters, leaving just words characters (letters, number and the underscore).
        expression - a property expression
        the expression with punctuation removed
      • defaultLabel

        public static String defaultLabel​(String id,
                                          Messages messages,
                                          String propertyExpression)
        Looks for a label within the messages based on the id. If found, it is used, otherwise the name is converted to a user presentable form.
      • toUserPresentable

        public static String toUserPresentable​(String id)
        Capitalizes the string, and inserts a space before each upper case character (or sequence of upper case characters). Thus "userId" becomes "User Id", etc. Also, converts underscore into space (and capitalizes the following word), thus "user_id" also becomes "User Id".
      • asString

        public static String asString​(Method method)
        Converts a method to a user presentable string consisting of the containing class name, the method name, and the short form of the parameter list (the class name of each parameter type, shorn of the package name portion).
        method -
        short string representation
      • stripMemberName

        public static String stripMemberName​(String memberName)
        Strips leading "_" and "$" and trailing "_" from the name.
      • join

        public static String join​(List elements)
        Joins together some number of elements to form a comma separated list.
      • join

        public static String join​(List elements,
                                  String separator)
        Joins together some number of elements. If a value in the list is the empty string, it is replaced with the string "(blank)".
        elements - objects to be joined together
        separator - used between elements when joining
      • joinSorted

        public static String joinSorted​(Collection elements)
        Creates a sorted copy of the provided elements, then turns that into a comma separated list.
        the elements converted to strings, sorted, joined with comma ... or "(none)" if the elements are null or empty
      • capitalize

        public static String capitalize​(String input)
        Capitalizes a string, converting the first character to uppercase.
      • containsSymbols

        public static boolean containsSymbols​(String input)
        Return true if the input string contains the marker for symbols that must be expanded.
      • lastTerm

        public static String lastTerm​(String input)
        Searches the string for the final period ('.') character and returns everything after that. The input string is generally a fully qualified class name, though tapestry-core also uses this method for the occasional property expression (which is also dot separated). Returns the input string unchanged if it does not contain a period character.
      • sortedKeys

        public static List<StringsortedKeys​(Map map)
        Extracts the string keys from a map and returns them in sorted order. The keys are converted to strings.
        map - the map to extract keys from (may be null)
        the sorted keys, or the empty set if map is null