Class RenderNotification

  • @Events({"beginRender","afterRender"})
    public class RenderNotification
    extends java.lang.Object
    This mixin triggers component event notifications when the attached component enters its BeginRender and AfterRender render phases. A common use of this is to handle the "afterRender" event to generate client-side JavaScript for content just rendered via a Block (this is a common Ajax use case related to partial page rendering). Since AJAX requests don't trigger afterRender or beforeRender render phase events in the containing component or page, this mixin provides a way of accessing those events as component events.

    An example using the Any component within a zone:

     <div t:type="Zone" id="myZone">
         <t:any t:mixins="RenderNotification">
                  <!-- zone content ->
    The MarkupWriter is passed as the event context to your event handler method(s), so your corresponding component or page class might look like:
     void onBeginRenderFromMyZone(MarkupWriter writer)
         writer.write("before item render");
     void onAfterRenderFromMyZone(MarkupWriter writer)
         writer.write("after item render");
    As an alternative, see the Trigger component, which does something similar but as a component rather than a mixin.

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