Class EmbeddedComponentAssemblerImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • EmbeddedComponentAssemblerImpl

        public EmbeddedComponentAssemblerImpl​(ComponentAssemblerSource assemblerSource,
                                              ComponentInstantiatorSource instantiatorSource,
                                              ComponentClassResolver componentClassResolver,
                                              java.lang.String componentClassName,
                                              ComponentResourceSelector selector,
                                              EmbeddedComponentModel embeddedModel,
                                              java.lang.String templateMixins,
                                              Location location,
                                              boolean strictMixinParameters)
        assemblerSource -
        instantiatorSource - used to access component models
        componentClassResolver - used to convert mixin types to component models
        componentClassName - class name of embedded component
        selector - used to select template and other resources
        embeddedModel - embedded model (may be null for components defined in the template)
        templateMixins - list of mixins from the t:mixins element (possibly null)
        location - location of components element in its container's template
        strictMixinParameters - if true (e.g., the 5.4 DTD) then mixin parameters must be fully qualified