Interface ComponentPageElement

    • Method Detail

      • getComponent

        Component getComponent()
        Returns the core component associated with this page element (as opposed to any mixins attached to the component).
      • addToTemplate

        void addToTemplate​(RenderCommand element)
        Used during the construction of a page. Adds a page element as part of the template for this page element. A page element will eventually render by sequentially rendering these elements. A page elements template is really just the outermost portions of the component's template ... where a template contains elements that are all components, those components will receive portions of the template as their body.
      • addMixin

        void addMixin​(java.lang.String mixinId,
                      Instantiator instantiator,
                      java.lang.String... order)
        Adds a mixin.
        mixinId - a unique id for the mixin, the last term of the mixin's class name
        instantiator - used to instantiate an instance of the mixin
        order - Ordering strings used to determine the order of mixin execution.
      • bindMixinParameter

        void bindMixinParameter​(java.lang.String mixinId,
                                java.lang.String parameterName,
                                Binding binding)
        mixinId - id of previously added mixin
        parameterName - simple (unqualified) name of parameter
        binding - binding for parameter
      • getEmbeddedElement

        ComponentPageElement getEmbeddedElement​(java.lang.String id)
        Retrieves a component page element by its id. The search is caseless.
        id - used to locate the element
        the page element
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if no component exists with the given id
      • getMixinResources

        ComponentResources getMixinResources​(java.lang.String mixinId)
        Returns the ComponentResources for a mixin attached to this component element. Mixin ids are the simple names of the mixin class.
        mixinId - the mixin id (case insensitive)
        the resources for the component
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if no mixin with the given id exists
      • newChild

        ComponentPageElement newChild​(java.lang.String id,
                                      java.lang.String nestedId,
                                      java.lang.String completeId,
                                      java.lang.String elementName,
                                      Instantiator instantiator,
                                      Location location)
        Creates a new child component of the invoked component. The new element will be added as an embedded element of its container.
        id - simple id of the new component
        nestedId -
        completeId -
        elementName - name of the component's element in its container's template
        instantiator - used to create a component instance, and access the component's model
        location - location of the element within its container's template @return the new component
      • getEventLogger

        org.slf4j.Logger getEventLogger()
        Returns a logger used to for logging event dispatch and event method invocation.