Class LocalizationSetterImpl

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    public class LocalizationSetterImpl
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements LocalizationSetter
    Given a set of supported locales, for a specified desired locale, sets the current thread's locale to a supported locale that is closest to the desired.
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      java.util.List<java.util.Locale> getSupportedLocales()
      Returns a list of supported locales, as per the SymbolConstants.SUPPORTED_LOCALES symbol.
      SelectModel getSupportedLocalesModel()
      Returns the supported locales packaged as a model.
      boolean isSupportedLocaleName​(java.lang.String localeName)
      Checks to see if the indicated locale name is a supported locale name (that may have been incorporated into a request path).
      boolean setLocaleFromLocaleName​(java.lang.String localeName)
      Determines if the provided potential locale name (presumably, extracted from a request URL) is a supported locale name.
      void setNonPersistentLocaleFromLocaleName​(java.lang.String localeName)
      Allows the locale to be set from a specified locale name (which may be narrowed or defaulted to a support locale).
      void setNonPersistentLocaleFromRequest​(Request request)
      Allows the locale to be set from the locale of the client as determined from the request headers (which may be narrowed or defaulted to a supported locale).
      java.util.Locale toLocale​(java.lang.String localeName)
      Converts a locale name into a Locale.
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