Interface LocalizationSetter

    • Method Detail

      • setLocaleFromLocaleName

        boolean setLocaleFromLocaleName​(String localeName)
        Determines if the provided potential locale name (presumably, extracted from a request URL) is a supported locale name. A call to this method will always set the ThreadLocale (either to the provided locale, if supported, or to the default locale). If the locale name is supported, it will also set the PersistentLocale (which may affect how page and event links are generated, to persist the selected locale across requests). Note that locale names are case sensitive.
        localeName - name of locale to check (which may be blank or not a locale name)
        true if the locale name is supported and the PersistentLocale was set
      • setNonPersistentLocaleFromLocaleName

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        void setNonPersistentLocaleFromLocaleName​(String localeName)
        Allows the locale to be set from a specified locale name (which may be narrowed or defaulted to a support locale). Does not set the persistent locale.
        localeName - locale in effect for this request
      • isSupportedLocaleName

        boolean isSupportedLocaleName​(String localeName)
        Checks to see if the indicated locale name is a supported locale name (that may have been incorporated into a request path). This is an important part of decoding a request.
      • toLocale

        Locale toLocale​(String localeName)
        Converts a locale name into a Locale. The result is cached.