Class MessagesSourceImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    InvalidationEventHub, MessagesSource, UpdateListener

    public class MessagesSourceImpl
    extends InvalidationEventHubImpl
    implements MessagesSource
    A utility class that encapsulates all the logic for reading properties files and assembling Messages from them, in accordance with extension rules and locale. This represents code that was refactored out of ComponentMessagesSourceImpl. This class can be used as a base class, though the existing code base uses it as a utility. Composition trumps inheritance! The message catalog for a component is the combination of all appropriate properties files for the component, plus any keys inherited form base components and, ultimately, the application global message catalog. At some point we should add support for per-library message catalogs. Message catalogs are read using the UTF-8 character set. This is tricky in JDK 1.5; we read the file into memory then feed that bytestream to Properties.load().
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      • getMessages

        public Messages getMessages​(MessagesBundle bundle,
                                    ComponentResourceSelector selector)
        Description copied from interface: MessagesSource
        Used to obtain a Messages instance for a particular component, within a particular locale. If the component extends from another component, then its localized properties will merge with its parent's properties (with the subclass overriding the super class on any conflicts).
        Specified by:
        getMessages in interface MessagesSource
        bundle - defines the set of properties files to read, as well as a series of parent bundles to extend and override
        selector - defines the locale and other axes used to locate the necessary resources
        the message catalog for the bundle, for the indicated selector