Class AspectInterceptorBuilderImpl<T>

    • Method Detail

      • adviseMethod

        public void adviseMethod​(java.lang.reflect.Method method,
                                 MethodAdvice advice)
        Description copied from interface: MethodAdviceReceiver
        Adds advice for a specific method of the aspect interceptor being constructed.
        method - method (of the interface for which an interceptor is being constructed) to be advised. Multiple advice is allowed for a single method; the advice will be executed in the order it is added.
        advice - the advice for this particular method. Advice must be threadsafe.
      • adviseAllMethods

        public void adviseAllMethods​(MethodAdvice advice)
        Description copied from interface: MethodAdviceReceiver
        Advises all methods of the interface with the given advice.
        advice - the method advice to be applied.
      • getInterface

        public java.lang.Class getInterface()
        Description copied from interface: MethodAdviceReceiver
        Returns the interface for which methods may be advised.
        the interface class instance.
      • build

        public T build()
        Description copied from interface: AspectInterceptorBuilder
        Builds and returns the interceptor. Any methods that have not been advised will become "pass thrus".
        the interceptor instance.