Interface ClassInstantiator<T>

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    public interface ClassInstantiator<T>
    The end result of a class transformation is a ClassInstantiator that can be used to instantiate an instance of the transformed class.
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      • newInstance

        T newInstance()
        Creates and returns a new instance of the transformed class.
      • with

        <V> ClassInstantiator<Twith​(java.lang.Class<V> valueType,
                                      V instanceContextValue)
        Returns a new instantiator that adds the indicated value to the instance's InstanceContext.
        valueType - defines the type of value, and acts as a key to retrieve the value
        instanceContextValue - the non-null value stored
        java.lang.AssertionError - if instanceContextValue is null
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - if a value of the given value type has already been stored