Class MethodDescription

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    public class MethodDescription
    extends Object
    implements Comparable<MethodDescription>
    Describes a PlasticMethod in terms of a method name, a set of modifiers (public, private, static, final, etc.), a return type, types of method arguments, and types of checked exceptions. Types are represented as Java source names: either names of primitives ("void", "byte", "long") or fully qualified class names ("java.lang.Object", "java.lang.Runnable"). ASM refers to this as "class name". MethodDescriptions are immutable, and properly implement equals() and hashCode(); they are often used as keys in Maps. The natural sort order for a MethodDescription is ascending order by method name, then descending order by number of parameters (for the same name). Sort order is not currently specified for overrides of the same method with the same number of parameters. TODO: Handling generic types.
    • Field Detail

      • modifiers

        public final int modifiers
        The full set of modifier flags for the method.
      • returnType

        public final String returnType
        The Java source name for the return type, e.g., "void", "short", "java.util.Map", "java.lang.String[]".
      • argumentTypes

        public final String[] argumentTypes
        A non-null array of Java source names for arguments. Do not modify the contents of this array.
      • checkedExceptionTypes

        public final String[] checkedExceptionTypes
        A non-null array of Java source names for checked exceptions. Do not modify the contents of this array.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MethodDescription

        public MethodDescription​(String returnType,
                                 String methodName,
                                 String... argumentTypes)
        Convenience constructor for public methods that have no checked exceptions.
        returnType - return type as type name
        methodName - name of method
        argumentTypes - type names for arguments
      • MethodDescription

        public MethodDescription​(MethodDescription description,
                                 String[] checkedExceptionTypes)
        Convenience constructor for copying a MethodDescription with different exception types.
      • MethodDescription

        public MethodDescription​(int modifiers,
                                 String returnType,
                                 String methodName,
                                 String[] argumentTypes,
                                 String genericSignature,
                                 String[] checkedExceptionTypes)
        modifiers -
        returnType - Java source name for the return type
        methodName -
        argumentTypes - may be null
        genericSignature - TODO
        checkedExceptionTypes - may be null
      • MethodDescription

        public MethodDescription​(Method method)
        Creates a MethodDescription from a Java Method. The generic signature will be null.