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    public interface Component
    extends ComponentResourcesAware
    Interface that defines the lifecycle of a component, within a page, allowing for callbacks into the component for many different events. This interface is part of the public API for Tapestry, but is not expected to be directly implemented by component classes; it should only be implemented as part of the component class transformation process. Most of the methods are related to render phases; see the corresponding annotations and component rendering documentation to see how they relate to each other. Starting in 5.3 this interface no longer implements PageLifecycleListener. Normally, this would be an incompatible change, but Component is not supposed to be directly implemented by user code.
    • Method Detail

      • postRenderCleanup

        void postRenderCleanup()
        Lifecycle method invoked at the end of the CleanupRender render phase. There is no annotation for this method, it is part of CleanupRender, but is always invoked. Its specific use is to allow components to clean up cached parameter values.
      • beginRender

        void beginRender​(MarkupWriter writer,
                         Event event)
        Invoked to allow a component to render its tag (start tag and attributes).
      • dispatchComponentEvent

        boolean dispatchComponentEvent​(ComponentEvent event)
        Invoked to handle a component event. Methods with the OnEvent annotation (or the matching naming convention) will be invoked until one returns a non-null value.
        event -
        true if any handler was found (and invoked), false otherwise
        java.lang.RuntimeException - wrapping any checked exceptions that are thrown by individual event handler methods