Interface ExceptionReporter

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    ExceptionReport, ExceptionReporterImpl

    public interface ExceptionReporter
    Interface implemented by a page used for reporting exceptions. Alternately, implemented by services to report request handling exceptions. This is invoked before the exception report page is rendered. The default implementation converts the exception into a well formatted text file, with content similar to the default ExceptionReport page, and stores this file on the file system. Exception report files are stored beneath a root directory, with intermediate folders for the day (e.g., "2014-06-02"), hour, and minute. Directories are created as necessary; however, there is nothing in place to delete these exceptions reports.
    See Also:
    SymbolConstants.EXCEPTION_REPORTS_DIR, RequestExceptionHandler, ExceptionReportWriter
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      • reportException

        void reportException​(java.lang.Throwable exception)
        Used to communicate to the page what exception is to be reported.
        exception - runtime exception thrown during processing of the request