Interface FieldValidatorDefaultSource

    • Method Detail

      • createDefaultValidator

        FieldValidator createDefaultValidator​(Field field,
                                              String overrideId,
                                              Messages overrideMessages,
                                              Locale locale,
                                              Class propertyType,
                                              AnnotationProvider propertyAnnotations)
        Analyzes the property type and property annotations to determine the default set of validations for the property, which are wrapped to form a FieldValidator for a field.
        field - Field component for which a validator is being created
        overrideId - the id of the component, used to locate related messages for labels and errors
        overrideMessages - where to search for label and error messages
        locale - locale used for locating messages
        propertyType - type of property bound to the editting parameter of the field (typically, the parameter named "value").
        propertyAnnotations - source of annotations for the property being editted
        a validator reflecting all default validations for the field