Interface PropertyOutputContext

  • public interface PropertyOutputContext
    Provides context information needed when displaying a value. This interface is an integral part of the Grid and similar output components. It is made available to components via an Environmental annotation.
    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyValue

        Object getPropertyValue()
        Returns the value of the property (the object being displayed is encapsulated by the context).
      • getMessages

        Messages getMessages()
        Returns the message catalog appropriate for use. In practice, this is the message catalog of the container of the Grid component. This is used, for example, to locate labels for fields, or to locate string representations of Enums.
      • getPropertyId

        String getPropertyId()
        Returns a string that identifies the property, usually the property name. This is used as the basis for the client-side client id.
      • getPropertyName

        String getPropertyName()
        Returns the name of the property (which may, in fact, be a property expression).