Interface AssetPathConstructor

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                            details="resource parameter added, IOException may now be thrown")
        java.lang.String constructAssetPath​(java.lang.String virtualFolder,
                                            java.lang.String path,
                                            StreamableResource resource)
        Constructs an asset URL path from the virtual folder and path (within the virtual folder). After constructing the string (and honoring the SymbolConstants.ASSET_URL_FULL_QUALIFIED symbol), the result is passed through the AssetPathConverter.
        virtualFolder - corresponds to a AssetRequestHandler contributed to the AssetDispatcher service
        path - a path that can be used to identify the underlying Resource or or re-acquire the StreamableResource; this will be the final portion of the URL, after the appropriate prefix (based on whether the resource is compressed or not) and the checksum for the resource
        resource - underlying resource for the asset path; the checksum portion of the URL is obtained from the resource
        path portion of asset URL, which is everything needed by the AssetDispatcher to find and stream the resource
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