Interface Initialization

    • Method Detail

      • invoke

        Initialization invoke​(java.lang.String functionName)
        Specifies the function to invoke. If this method is not invoked, then the module is expected to export just a single function (which may, or may not, take parameters).
        functionName - name of a function exported by the module.
        this Initialization, for further configuration
      • with

        void with​(java.lang.Object... arguments)
        Specifies the arguments to be passed to the function. Often, just a single JSONObject is passed. When multiple Initializations exist with the same function name (or no function name), and no arguments, they are coalesced into a single Initialization: it is assumed that an initialization with no parameters needs to only be invoked once.
        arguments - any number of values. Each value may be one of: null, String, Boolean, Number, JSONObject, JSONArray, or JSONLiteral.