Release Notes 5.3.1

This bugfix release is a drop-in replacement for the 5.3 release. Any 5.3 user is encouraged to upgrade. Be sure to review the How to Upgrade instructions first, though.

Bugs Fixed

  • [TAP5-1762] - Some components do not include a description of their parameters in their JavaDoc pages
  • [TAP5-1765] - PerThread scope is not honored when service is created using autobuild
  • [TAP5-1768] - @ActivationRequestParameter does not encode to be URL friendly
  • [TAP5-1773] - FormFieldFocus mixin passes control name, not client id, to JavaScriptSupport.autofocus()
  • [TAP5-1784] - Extra comma in tapestry-messages_de.js causes Internet Explorer to fail to work
  • [TAP5-1785] - Exceptions while compressing JavaScript are not fully reported
  • [TAP5-1786] - All forms/submission not working after FileUploadException is raised

Improvements Made

  • [TAP5-1756] - Let the asset path prefix be configurable
  • [TAP5-1780] - Upgrade Selenium dependency to 2.14.0