Release Notes 5.3.4

This is the consolidated list of changes between Tapestry versions 5.3.3 and 5.3.4. Tapestry 5.3.4 is a drop-in replacement for prior Tapestry 5.3 releases. To upgrade, just update the Maven dependency in you POM file (or download the new JAR file) and the new version will just work. However, please review the How to Upgrade instructions before upgrading.

This is a very modest bug fix release, including a number of minor performance improvements.

Bugs Fixed

  • [TAP5-1729] - Sometimes YUICompressor can fail with java.util.EmptyStackException
  • [TAP5-1848] - tapestry-jpa ignores persistence provider from persistence.xml
  • [TAP5-1873] - JavaScript execution exception is not logged
  • [TAP5-1880] - GZip compression should be disabled if the request is over http 1.0
  • [TAP5-1929] - High contention in method InternalComponentResourcesImpl.postRenderCleanup() and NamedSet.getValues()
  • [TAP5-1935] - ContextResource uses a deprecated File.toURL
  • [TAP5-1950] - ResourceStreamer sends SC_NOT_MODIFIED as an error, but it should be just status
  • [TAP5-1952] - JavaScript Compressor should log warnings as well as errors, and identify the input clearly
  • [TAP5-1963] - Original exception lost in CommitAfterWorker upon abort
  • [TAP5-1964] - In production mode, placeholder timestamp needs to be limited to one-second accuracy
  • [TAP5-1972] - Missing LICENSE and NOTICE files

Improvements Made

  • [TAP5-1852] - Upgrade Plastic to use ASM 4.0