Request Processing FAQ

Request Processing


How do I get Tapestry to not handle a request?

Often, when integrating with outside libraries, or working with legacy code, you will want Tapestry to ignore a request and let the normal servlet or other processing handle the request.

The easy way to do this is to contribute a regular expression to the IgnoredPathsFilter service, whose job is to exclude some requests.

public static void contributeIgnoredPathsFilter(Configuration<String> configuration)

Alternately, you may contribute a HttpServletRequestFilter to the HttpServletRequestHandler pipeline. A filter that simply returns false from its service() method will cause Tapestry to hand off the request to the servlet container for normal handling. You would use this approach when a simple regular expression is not sufficient to identify which requests should be ignored.

Alternately, you can configure the Tapestry application to execute inside a folder to avoid conflicts. See the notes on the configuration page.