Service Status

IoC Services Status

When using Tapestry there will often be a large number of services defined in the registry; a mix of the built-in services provided by the framework and your own.

Built in to every Tapestry application is a page, ServiceStatus, that can present this information to you.

The "ServiceStatus" page presents the list of services within the application's Registry.

PageServices may be builtin, defined, virtual or real.

Builtin only applies to a few special services that are part of Tapestry IoC.

Defined services are defined in some module, but have not yet been referenced in any way.

Virtual services have been referenced and have gotten as far as creating a service proxy.

Real services have had methods invoked, this forces the realization of the service which includes instantiating the service, injecting dependencies, and decorating with any applicable interceptors.

The Service Status page does not display service information when the application is in production mode.