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Tapestry is a powerful, open-source, all-Java framework for creating leading edge web applications in Java.

Tapestry reconceptualizes web application development in terms of objects, methods and properties instead of URLs and query parameters.

Tapestry is an alternative to scripting environments such as JavaServer Pages or Velocity. Tapestry goes far further, providing a complete framework for creating extremely dynamic applications with minimal amounts of coding.

Tapestry's approach, using a component object model similar to a traditional GUI, provides the following benefits:

  • Very high level of reuse, within and between projects
    Everything in Tapestry is a reusable component
  • Frees developers from writing boring, buggy code
    Code in terms of objects, methods and properties, not URLs and query parameters
  • Allows applications' complexity to scale well
    Framework does all the URL building and message dispatching, transparently
  • Easy Internationalization/Localization
    Framework selects localized version of text, templates and images
  • Extremely robust applications
    Less code is less bugs
    Sophisticated built-in exception reporting
    Line precise error reporting
  • Easy team integration
    Graphic designers and Java developers can work together without having to know each other's jobs

Tapestry is distributed under the terms of the Apache Software License.

Tapestry exploits the dynamic nature of the Java language, leveraging the JavaBeans API, as well as servlets and other J2EE technology. Tapestry applications are fast, scalable, robust and powerful.

Tapestry components are a combination of a specification file (in XML), an HTML template and a Java class (extending a framework class, with simple additions). Tapestry components are combined together to form larger components or complete Tapestry pages.


This release is Tapestry 3.0.4.

Current development efforts for 3.X are focused on Tapestry 3.0.5/3.1 in order to resolve all remaining issues with the 3.X releases. Current development of Tapestry is focused on 4.X which rebuilds Tapestry on top of the HiveMind microkernel, simplifies code and development, and ads a boat load of new features.

Tapestry in Print

Tapestry in Action Cover

Tapestry in Action is now available from Manning Publications. It is the definitive introduction to Tapestry written by Howard Lewis Ship, the creator of Tapestry.

Tapestry Webanwendungen mit dem Apache Framework

Tapestry Webanwendungen mit dem Apache Framework is a fast-paced guide to using Tapestry, focusing on combining Tapestry with other open-source frameworks, as well as developing Tapestry applications using Spindle. The book is written in German, and authored by Stefan Edlich and Patrick Kunert.

Tapestry has also been described in the print journal The Java Report in the September 2001 issue. Other articles includes the on-line journal OnJava, in November 2001.

Tapestry Community

Tapestry has a very active User mailing list, with archives. This is the list for getting help with using the framework.

The Developer mailing list is for Tapestry committers and other power users to discuss enhancements to the framework. It also has archives.

A Wiki has been set up to discuss Tapestry and plan new features.