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Packages that use MethodSignature [INTERNAL USE ONLY] Tapestry IOC service implementation classes; API subject to change. Tapestry IOC service interfaces 

Uses of MethodSignature in

Methods in with parameters of type MethodSignature
 void ClassFabImpl.addMethod(int modifiers, MethodSignature ms, String body)
 void ClassFabImpl.addNoOpMethod(MethodSignature signature)
static String ServiceMessages.duplicateMethodInClass(MethodSignature ms, ClassFabImpl fab)
static String ServiceMessages.extraFilterMethod(MethodSignature sig, Class filterInterface, Class serviceInterface)
 int FilterMethodAnalyzer.findServiceInterfacePosition(MethodSignature ms, MethodSignature fms)
static String ServiceMessages.unableToAddMethod(MethodSignature signature, javassist.CtClass ctClass, Throwable cause)
static String ServiceMessages.unmatchedServiceMethod(MethodSignature sig, Class filterInterface)

Uses of MethodSignature in

Methods in that return MethodSignature
          Deprecated. Returns the next method (as a MethodSignature, returning null when all are exhausted.

Methods in with parameters of type MethodSignature
 void ClassFab.addMethod(int modifiers, MethodSignature signature, String body)
          Deprecated. Adds a method.
 void ClassFab.addNoOpMethod(MethodSignature signature)
          Deprecated. Adds a public no-op method.
 boolean MethodSignature.isOverridingSignatureOf(MethodSignature ms)
          Deprecated. Returns true if this signature has the same return type, name and parameters types as the method signature passed in, and this signature's exceptions "trump" (are the same as, or super-implementations of, all exceptions thrown by the other method signature).

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