Interface InvalidationListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
ApplicationMessageCatalogObjectProvider, ComponentClassCacheImpl, ComponentClassResolverImpl, ComponentInstantiatorSourceImpl, DefaultDataTypeAnalyzer, MetaDataLocatorImpl, PageActivationContextCollectorImpl, PageLoaderImpl, PageSourceImpl, PropertyConduitSourceImpl, ResourceDigestManagerImpl, SRSCachingInterceptor, SRSCompressedCachingInterceptor, StackAssetRequestHandler, StringInternerImpl, TranslatorSourceImpl, ValueEncoderSourceImpl

public interface InvalidationListener

Interface for objects that may cache information that can be invalidated. Invalidation occurs when external files, from which in-memory data is cached, is determined to have changed. Granularity is very limited; when any external file is found to have changed, the event is fired (with the expectation that the cleared cache will be repopulated as necessary).

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Method Summary
 void objectWasInvalidated()
          Invoked to indicate that some object is invalid.

Method Detail


void objectWasInvalidated()
Invoked to indicate that some object is invalid. The receiver should clear its cache.

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