Third Party Modules

Independent developers have build a rich collection of Tapestry modules for your immediate use. These modules greatly expand upon the capabilities already included in Tapestry. These links take you to external sites.


  • Tapestry5-Cayenne (for Tapestry 5.3) integrates with the Apache Cayenne persistence framework.

Argoyle (for Tapestry 5.3)

  • Tapestry-breadcrumbs is a breadcrumb trail implementation, implemented as an annotation to be placed at each page-class that should be part of the trail.
  • Tapestry-mfautocomplete An autocomplete implementation that can populate multiple fields

Chenille Kit (for Tapestry 5.3)

Other Chenille Kit Modules...



  • Tapestry-Tldgen generates TLD files to let you use the Eclipse JSP editor for code completion on TML files.


  • FlowLogix is a collection of components, services and utilities that integrates Tapestry into JEE environments and provides other commonly needed functionality.

Gang Of Tapestry 5


  • Spock Tapestry Extension provides integration with Spock, a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications.

Spread the Source

  • Tapestry5-db-migrations supports Tapestry 5 Database Migrations: Ruby on Rails-like database migrations powered by Tapestry IOC and Tapestry Hibernate Core
  • Tapestry5-googleanalytics integrates with Google Analytics
  • Tapestry5-hornet integrates the Hornet java connector inside Tapestry 5. Hornet is a realtime publish/suscribe engine that let you enhance your web application by connecting users together, powered by NodeJs and
  • Tapestry5-installer is a Tapestry 5 webapp installer: Live load your Tapestry app right after having set the configuration. This contribution aims to provide an easy way for Tapestry developers to include an installation application in their application so the user can provide its production environment configuration values
  • Tapestry5-rome provides RSS & Atom feed support in Tapestry apps
  • Tapestry5-spring-tx supports using Spring Transaction Manager inside your Tapestry 5 application. Allows you to access to a Hibernate session factory configured via Spring through your Tapestry business layer in the same transaction


  • T5conduit allows seamless integration of LessCSS and CoffeeScript.


  • Tacos-Seam provides an integration between Tapestry and JBoss Seam

Tapestry-bootstrap (for Tapestry 5.3)

  • Tapestry-bootstrap integrates Twitter Bootstrap with Tapestry 5. (Bootstrap is a grid based toolkit of polished HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • Tapestry-cometd is a push library for Tapestry based on CometD (an HTTP-based event routing bus that uses an Ajax Push technology pattern known as Comet)


  • Tapestry-monitoring is a lightweight, unobtrusive way to add JMX performance metrics to any Tapestry application, using the Java Simon monitoring API.


  • Tapestry-profiler is a simple, configurable, sampling profiler designed to be used in production Tapestry 5 applications to track down performance issues.



  • Tapestry-Testify is an extension that makes it easier to write page and component tests and run them efficiently


  • Tapestry-XPath allows you to use XPath expressions to query the Tapestry DOM (useful for page & component tests)


  • Tapestry-zbreadcrumbs is a bread crumb trail implementation, with configuration through contributions and annotations, dynamic breadcrumb titles, and a very flexible breadcrumbs trail component


Other Tynamo Modules...


  • Tapx-Datefield is an enhanced DateField component
  • Tapx-plainmessage adds a new binding prefix, "plain:", which works just like "message:", except that any HTML elements are scrubbed, and XML entities are replaced with the corresponding characters
  • Tapx-Templating enables using Tapestry to generate offline content
  • Tapx-yui bundles YUI (Yahoo User Interface) JavaScript library, including its RichTextEditor

Other TapX Modules...


Weaves (for Tapestry 5.3)

  • Weaves is a collection of Tapestry 5 components from InterCommIT