Release Notes 5.3.3

This is the consolidated list of changes between Tapestry versions 5.3.2 and 5.3.3. Tapestry 5.3.3 is a drop-in replacement for prior Tapestry 5.3 releases. To upgrade, just update the Maven dependency in you POM file (or download the new JAR file) and the new version will just work. However, please review the Release Notes 5.3.3 instructions before upgrading.

This is a very modest bug fix release, but it does straighten out a significant problem with Java component classes containing non-private fields.

For those developers not using Maven or Gradle, you'll be pleased to know that this release now includes the option of a binary download containing Tapestry's modules and main dependencies. More details are on the Release Notes 5.3.3 page.


Bugs Fixed

  • [TAP5-1791] - On some JDKs, the complex regular expression used by ComponentEventLinkEncoderImpl will cause a stack overflow
  • [TAP5-1836] - "LocalhostOnly" WhitelistAnalyzer check "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%0" ip address instead "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1"
  • [TAP5-1844] - Datefield not fires onchange event on changes
  • [TAP5-1854] - AjaxComponentEventRequestHandler doesn't handle the case where a response has already be returned, and may append an empty JSON Object to the response
  • [TAP5-1860] - Access to protected component fields does not always reflect in subclasses
  • [TAP5-1881] - TypeCoercion from Number to Boolean returns false for any number that is an even multiple of 256
  • [TAP5-1895] - ValidationDecorator.insideLabel(...) is called after the removal of PropertyContext in PropertyEditor
  • [TAP5-1906] - Interaction between client-side validation and submit buttons can result in a server-side error parsing JSON array

Improvements Made

  • [TAP5-1827] - KaptchaField should have a parameter to allow it to operate as a visible text field rather than a password field
  • [TAP5-1790] - Update Tapestry build to create a binary release archive (in addition to a source and javadoc archive)
  • [TAP5-1909] - Update Underscore JavaScript library to latest version 1.3.3
  • [TAP5-1857] - Add a SubmitMode (for Submit and LinkSubmit components) for unconditionally submitting the form