Interface ComponentEventCallback<T>

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All Known Implementing Classes:
CaptureResultCallback, ComponentResultProcessorWrapper, NotificationEventCallback

public interface ComponentEventCallback<T>

Callback interface for a render phase event or ComponentEvent, notified when a non-null value is returned from some event handler method.

Method Summary
 boolean handleResult(T result)
          Invoked to handle a non-null event handler method result.

Method Detail


boolean handleResult(T result)
Invoked to handle a non-null event handler method result. The handler should determine whether the value is acceptable, and throw an exception if not. Any thrown exception will be wrapped to identify the component and method from which the value was returned.

Boolean values are not passed to the callback. Booleans are used to indicate that the event has been handled (true, meaning the event is handled and aborted) or that a further search for handlers should continue (false, meaning the event was not handled, is not aborted, and the search up the component hierarchy for event handler methods should continue). If a component event method returns true, then Event.isAborted() will return true.

result - the result value returned from the event handler method
true if the event is aborted, false if the event may continue

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