Interface OptimizedSessionPersistedObject

All Known Implementing Classes:
AlertStorage, BaseOptimizedSessionPersistedObject, DefaultTreeExpansionModel, DefaultTreeSelectionModel, ValidationTrackerImpl

public interface OptimizedSessionPersistedObject

An optional interface implemented by objects that are persisted in the Session. At the end of each request, any objects read from the session are re-stored into the session, to ensure that in-memory changes are flushed to other persistent session stores (e.g. RDBMS, servers in a cluster, etc). Objects that implement this interface are expected to track when they are dirty (have pending changes), so that the save back into the session can be avoided when not necessary.

This method is accessed concurrently.

See Also:
ImmutableSessionPersistedObject, SessionPersistedObjectAnalyzer

Method Summary
 boolean checkAndResetDirtyMarker()

Method Detail


boolean checkAndResetDirtyMarker()
true if the object has in-memory changes since the last time this method was called.

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