Class VersionUtils

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.VersionUtils

public class VersionUtils
extends Object

Utility methods related to managing framework version numbers.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static String readVersionNumber(String resourcePath)
          Reads a version number from a properties file on the classpath.
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Constructor Detail


public VersionUtils()
Method Detail


public static String readVersionNumber(String resourcePath)
Reads a version number from a properties file on the classpath. These files are generally created by Gradle. For example, tapestry-core's properties file is META-INF/gradle/org.apache.tapestry/tapestry-core/ The Gradle generated properties files include the version and possibly others properties.

The resource is located using the Thread's context class loader.

resourcePath - the complete path to the resource, including a leading slash.
the version number read from the properties file, or "UNKNOWN" if the version number is not present or the file can not be opened

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