Class Output

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Output

public class Output
extends Object

A component for formatting output. If the component is represented in the template using an element, then the element (plus any informal parameters) will be output around the formatted value.

Component Parameters
NameDescriptionTypeFlagsDefaultDefault PrefixSince
elementNameThe element name, derived from the component template. This can even be overridden manually if desired (for example, to sometimes render a surrounding element and other times not).StringcomponentResources.elementNameprop
filterIf true, the default, then output is filtered, escaping any reserved characters. If false, the output is written raw.booleanprop
formatThe format to be applied to the, Not Nullprop
valueThe value to be output (before formatting). If the formatted value is blank, no output is produced.ObjectRequiredprop

Constructor Summary
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Constructor Detail


public Output()

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