Package org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components

The set of core components available in all Tapestry applications


Class Summary
ActionLink Component that triggers an action on the server with a subsequent full page refresh.
AddRowLink Used inside an AjaxFormLoop component to spur the addition of a new row.
AjaxFormLoop A special form of the Loop component that adds Ajax support to handle adding new rows and removing existing rows dynamically.
Alerts Renders out an empty <div> element and provides JavaScript initialization to make the element the container for alerts.
Any Renders an arbitrary element including informal parameters.
BeanDisplay Used to display the properties of a bean, using an underlying BeanModel.
BeanEditForm A component that creates an entire form editing the properties of a particular bean.
BeanEditor A component that generates a user interface for editing the properties of a bean.
Checkbox A Checkbox component is simply a <input type="checkbox">.
Checklist A list of checkboxes, allowing selection of multiple items in a list.
DateField A component used to collect a provided date from the user using a client-side JavaScript calendar.
Delegate A component that does not do any rendering of its own, but will delegate to some other object that can do rendering.
Doctype Overrides the DOCTYPE of the rendered document (via Document.dtd(String, String, String) which can be useful when different component templates that render to the same document disagree about what the correct DOCTYPE is.
Dynamic The Dynamic component allows a component to render itself differently at different times, by making use of an external template file.
Error Presents validation errors of a single field.
Errors Standard validation error presenter.
EventLink A close relative of ActionLink except in two ways.
ExceptionDisplay Integral part of the default ExceptionReport page used to break apart and display the properties of the exception.
Form An HTML form, which will enclose other components to render out the various types of fields.
FormFragment A FormFragment is a portion of a Form that may be selectively displayed.
FormInjector A way to add new content to an existing Form.
Grid A grid presents tabular data.
GridCell Part of Grid that renders the markup inside a single data cell.
GridColumns Renders out the column headers for the grid, including links (where appropriate) to control column sorting.
GridPager Generates a series of links used to jump to a particular page index within the overall data set.
GridRows Renders out a series of rows within the table.
Hidden Used to record a page property as a value into the form.
If Conditionally renders its body.
Label Generates a <label> element for a particular field.
LinkSubmit Generates a client-side hyperlink that submits the enclosing form.
Loop<T> A basic looping component; loops over a number of items (provided by its source parameter), rendering its body for each one.
Output A component for formatting output.
OutputRaw Used to output raw markup to the client.
PageLink Generates a render request link to some other page in the application.
Palette Multiple selection component.
PasswordField A version of TextField, but rendered out as an <input type="password"> element.
ProgressiveDisplay A component used to implement the progressive enhancement web design strategy; the component renders itself with a simplified initial content (i.e., "loading ...") and an Ajax request then supplies the component's true body.
PropertyDisplay Outputs a single property value.
PropertyEditor Used to edit a single property of a bean.
Radio A radio button (i.e., <input type="radio">).
RadioGroup A wrapper component around some number of Radio components, used to organize the selection and define the property to be edited.
RemoveRowLink Used inside a AjaxFormLoop to remove the current row from the loop.
RenderObject Renders out an object using the @Primary ObjectRenderer service.
Select Select an item from a list of values, using an [X]HTML <select> element on the client side.
Submit Corresponds to <input type="submit"> or <input type="image">, a client-side element that can force the enclosing form to submit.
SubmitNotifier A non visual component used to provide notifications to its container during a form submission.
TextArea TextArea component corresponds to a <textarea> element.
TextField TextField component corresponds to <input> element.
TextOutput Outputs paragraph oriented text, typically collected via a TextArea component.
Tree A component used to render a recursive tree structure, with expandable/collapsable/selectable nodes.
Trigger Triggers an arbitrary event during rendering.
Unless A close relative of the If component that inverts the meaning of its test.
Zone A Zone is portion of the output page designed for easy dynamic updating via Ajax or other client-side effects.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components Description

The set of core components available in all Tapestry applications

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