Class PropertyEditor

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.PropertyEditor

public class PropertyEditor
extends Object

Used to edit a single property of a bean. This is used primarily by BeanEditForm. Unlike BeanEditForm, the object to be edited must already exist and the model must be passed in explicitly.

Component Parameters
NameDescriptionTypeFlagsDefaultDefault PrefixSince
beanBlockSourceSource for property editor blocks. This defaults to the default implementation of, Not Nullprop
modelThe model that identifies the parameters to be edited, their order, and every other, Not Nullprop
objectThe object to be edited by the BeanEditor. This will be read when the component renders and updated when the form for the component is submitted. Typically, the container will listen for a "prepare" event, in order to ensure that a non-null value is ready to be read or updated.ObjectRequired, Not Nullprop
overridesWhere to search for local overrides of property editing blocks as block parameters. This is normally the containing component of the PropertyEditor, but when the component is used within a BeanEditor, it will be the BeanEditor's block parameters that will be Nullthisprop
propertyIdentifies the property to be edited by the editor.StringRequiredprop

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Constructor Detail


public PropertyEditor()

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