Interface HibernateTransactionDecorator

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public interface HibernateTransactionDecorator

Service that can create an interceptor that wraps around a service implementation. After invoking service methods marked by CommitAfter the current transaction is committed. Declared exceptions will also commit the transaction; runtime exceptions will the transaction.

It is recommended that you switch from the use of decoration to the use of advice; use the HibernateTransactionAdvisor (from a service advisor method) instead.

Method Summary
<T> T
build(Class<T> serviceInterface, T delegate, String serviceId)
          Builds a transaction interceptor instance around the delegate.

Method Detail


<T> T build(Class<T> serviceInterface,
            T delegate,
            String serviceId)
Builds a transaction interceptor instance around the delegate.

Type Parameters:
T -
serviceInterface - interface implemented by the delegate
delegate - existing object to be wrapped
serviceId - id of service
a new object implementing the interface that can be used in place of the delegate, providing transactional behavior

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